About Me

CIO / Domain Expert for Corrections & Security

After many years in the public sector, now I am serving as a Domain Expert for corrections & security especially relating to the use of technology for corrections operations, security and life long change of offender. As a CISSP, I also serve in area of cybersecurity.

I am thankful for the opportunities to grow and contribute to society while I was a Prisons Officer for 26 years. After serving for about a decade as the Head of Technology for Singapore Prisons leading their transformative use of technology to bring the service to the next S Curve, I took the plunge to join the private sector with the hope to further that spirit of serving society beyond Singapore Prisons.

Still a Captain Of Lives at heart.

Risks: Most people see the risk of doing but did not weigh the risk of not doing

What I am working on now:

  1. Technology evangelism for Corrections
  2. Learning Guitar (started at age 50)
  3. Rekindling the passion for Cycling and photography
  4. Learning to Blogging, Vlog, Streaming
  5. Serving in worship team as audio engineer, vocalist and perhaps guitarist

What I had worked on before :

  1. CIO
  2. Prisons IT Masterplan
  3. Redevelopment of Changi Prison Complex
  4. Emergency Planning
  5. Maximum Security Prison Operations
  6. Operations Outside Prison Compounds (similar to Marshall service)
  7. Automation of Operations within Prison
  8. Orchestration of Aftercare ecosystem
  9. ISO9001 & ISO27001
  10. Enterprise Architecture. It was an honor to share with the EA community about SPS' EA journey at the ISS 13th ACoP.