Bake Me Up!!

Bake Me Up!!
Moon Cakes baked by inmates

7 boxes of Moon Cakes baked by inmates in Singapore Prisons arrived at my door step. As I was not home, I told them to leave it at the shoe rack beside the entrance. Ms Angela Swee was most helpful from ordering to delivery. She made this such a joyful, hassle-free and worry-free experience. I don't think it is required of her but she even called me to ensure that I had received the moon cakes.  

When I opened the carton box, 3 boxes of moon cakes were clearly seen. The other 4 boxes were stacked below the separator board. The packaging was professional and the metal boxes were in perfect condition. Kudos to the delivery person.

Unboxing the Abundant Life (8-pc mini), I was greeted by a coaster mounted on an equally artistic board.  The design was inspired by an inmate artist. Disposal folk and knife was also provided. Just like the moon cakes, they were wrapped for hygiene and for preservation.  

This morning, I took one of the moon cake for breakfast and it was better than most.

[Update 29 Aug 2021: As I was having breakfast today, I realised that the coaster is in fact a magnet. Silly me. Well, I might have discovered a dual-purpose for the magnet. ]

Doing good

At this festive time of the year most of us will be buying moon cakes as gifts for our relatives, friends and business partners or for consumption at home. Why not contribute to a good cause while doing so.  

Quoting from their ordering web site; We are each other's second chances. They are accepting orders till 3 Sep 21.  


In case you are wondering, they did not asked me to do this and I am not paid for this. I was a Senior Prison Officer and still a Captain of Lives at heart.