Creating Logos with Canva

My sister made me a dragon logo using Canva. She kept urging me to make one using it.

Creating Logos with Canva

After I told her that I had created a website, one of the feedback from my sister was via a text message to the tune of "Created a logo for you. (You) can go to this link and edit as you wish..."

Telegram message from my lovely sister

That got me started to explore and use this free tool called Canva. Having used it for a while, I felt that it was intuitive. Essentially, if you know Microsoft Powerpoint, you can use Canva.

If you know how to use Microsoft Powerpoint, you know how to use Canva.

Plenty of templates to get the creative juices flowing

To get a quick start, there are many templates to choose from. Just keep scrolling down to find the one that closely match you idea and get rolling. That's how I built this logo enclosed within the circle.

The text were already rounded in the template and all I needed to do was change the contents. The logo is a slight modification of the one my sister made.

Pasting content from Photopea

Interestingly, Canva gladly accepts something pasted from Photopea but not the reverse. Similar to Microsoft Powerpoint, whatever is pasted into Canva becomes an object and can be manipulated.

Loads of elements to choose from

There are also many free and premium elements to choose from. This "Securing Our Home" logo  was made using text tool and built-in elements which are free. Premium  elements are available and marked with a crown on the bottom right of each icon.

My designs and those shared with me

In the home page, I can see all my designs. I can also see those that others have shared with me. Of course, I can also share my creations with others too. That's how my sister got me here. I have not tried collaboration (i.e. at least 2 persons working on the same piece at the same time) yet, does it even exists? Guess I will find out when I use it more.

Overall this is a tool that gets the job done with little fuss. Great job, Canva.