Free inLearning

National Library Board provides access to inLearning. I have completed a short course and going on to others.

Free inLearning

In June 2021, I discovered that the National Library has a resource that I did not use. This is probably part of the National Library's strategy towards their vision of "Readers for Life, Learning Communities, Knowledgeable Nation."

Today, I thought it might be worthwhile to write about it as others might find it useful.

By logging into the National Library eResources website, I was able to access inLearning for free. I think that they might have adopted the same approach where they bulk purchase eBook licenses from OverDrive; in this instance it is with LinkedIn. I am not sure if it works for non-citizen members.

Mobile Photography (test run)

Giving it a fast test run, I chose a short course which was less than 2 hours. The course is "Photography Foundations: Mobile Photography" and upon completion I was a given the completion certificate.

The course completion was also captured in the My Learning Page. This will be the place where my learning history would be collated. I also noticed that this is linked to my Library Membership and not to my Linkedin profile. I have not found a way to connect to the latter.

You can access the home page here but you may need to log in to NLB website first. You will also be prompted for log-in credential to access LinkedIn Learning. Finally, to access inLearning, enter your library ID and your year of birth as the password. They provided the steps, so just follow them and you will get access.

CCSP Exam Prep

There are many courses available. For my next course, I am thinking of the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) which will augment my CISSP credentials. It is 14 hours long and I will have some free time to complete this. After which I may be ready to take the examinations.