Homemade pop-corns

Homemade pop corns for charity. A daughter's effort to help the needy.

Homemade pop-corns

After returning all company's assets issued to me, I had a delightful afternoon tea with Jacqueline Piang. Over the past months, Jac and I worked closely on many cybersecurity opportunities and projects for Homeland Security. This would be our last tea session as colleagues. I am sure we would have more such sessions in the future as friends.

As we drank and ate crispy mooncake at Toast Box, she gave me a pack of pop-corns which she grabbed on her way out to meet me. It was made by her daughter.

Daughter with BIG HEART

From our conversation, I found out that her daughter, who is studying dentistry, has a big heart for the needy. Amongst her good works are volunteering at a dental clinic for foreign workers and baking pop-corns for sale where proceeds goes to the needy. I can see from her eyes that Jac is proud of her and is the supportive mother behind the scene.

Instinctively I asked if there was a website or online shop where I could order more pop corns. Unfortunately, no. At this moment, she is selling to her classmates and friends.

Salted Caramel - Taste so good!

The following day, my wife and I took our first bite of the pop-corns and it was so good. Jac confirmed that it was salted caramel when I messaged her and complemented the chef.  She said they might consider setting up a website and I sincerely hope they would; suggesting to start with a free Facebook page first.

Before posting this article, I shared with her and sought her permission. In response, she asked me to wait and do so after they had created the page. Well, they did it over the weekend, and here is their  Facebook page.

$5.50 for a large pack

only $5.50

A large pack of crispy salted caramel is selling at only $5.50. Definitely worth it. Those that are sold at cinemas are not half as tasty but cost much more. Do support the good cause. What do you think, should the price go up? In my opinion, I think so.