Spiral of Inspiration

Surprised an inspired by my first subscriber. We worked together in Singapore Prisons. My journey had inspired him too.

Spiral of Inspiration

Joy of the Day #JOTD

What's one thing that made me happy today ?

I have a subscriber.


I had not monitor the members list because I thought it is very early to expect anyone to subscribe. It was a surprise and such a joy. Needless to say, it inspired me and I was immediately curious to find out who this person is.

Who is he ?

Hey, the pictures shows 2 members. Yes, it does. I had added myself to test the membership and subcription email features.

So who is my first subscriber?

After seeing his name in the members list, I messaged him for confirmation. Indeed, he is my ex-colleague from Singapore Prison Service. For now, I shall not reveal his identify (until he gives the thumbs up). He uses the pseudo name Riko.

No one remembers who came in second.
~ Walter Hagen

Inspiration : The gift that returns

Becoming my first subscriber, he inspired me and gave me so much encouragement to continue to learn and contribute. As we chatted, I came to know that he had started this two years ago and that my journey had inspired him in his own journey.

For pretty obvious reasons, I was reminded of Prisons' Vision.

As Captains of Lives, we inspire everyone, at every chance, towards a society without re-offending.

It is a vison I lived by for so many years. Inspiring people is such a powerful act and our Corrections Officers knows this by heart, live and practice it daily. This vision is not just for offender, it towards everyone; because life long change of offenders needs everyone in the society to work together.

This led me to their Youtube channel, and coincidentally, SPS had published a new video just 9 hours ago, highlighting of their achievements for the past year. They continue to inspire, achieve greater heights year after year and deliver positive impact to society.