Typora - Initial Review

Typora is a free markdown editor that lets me focus on the writing.

Typora - Initial Review

This personal website is indeed a learning journey. One of the lessions, I am learning is Markdown syntax. Markdown, created by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz in 2004, is a lightweight markup language for creating formatted text using a plain-text editor.

There are several websites that provides guides for Markdown, such as Markdown Guide but for certain more complex jobs it is better to use an editor like Typora (https://typora.io). This is an initial review and I must say I am liking it.

Realtime view

Many of the Markdown syntax is easy to master, but I found creating table to be confusing. Most of the online guides that I found did not provide enough information to do it properly too. I had tried to create this table manually but I was not very successful. But using Typora in realtime view, I was able to very quickly create a table .

Typora - Realtime view

Copy and Paste to the website

When I was satisfied, all i had to do was a simple copy and paste process by selecting the Copy as Markdown command and then pasting into the website editor.

The outcome is as expected but interestingly it also shaded the header row.

Source Code view

After which, I also discovered that after creating the table, I could also see the markdown codes. Selecting Source Code view from the View menu, I was presented with the markdown codes for the table. After see these codes, I now know the proper markdown syntax to create such tables.

Typora - Source code view


Typora is a great tool that lets me focus on the writing. Spending less time coding means more time for other more important things in life.