Windows11 running in Aftershock SM15 Laptop

Windows11 running in Aftershock SM15 Laptop
No fuss update to Windows 11 for Aftershock SM15 from 2016

I bought this gaming laptop in 2016. It is still working well and I am still able to play some games with it.  Given its age, it can achieve around 30FPS in CoD-Warzone at low settings and at low resolution; which is hardly playable.

However, Windows 11 preview seems to work well so far.

While the CPU is not listed in the supported CPU list, the laptop was able to install and run following the steps in Kevin Stratevert's Youtube video below. Essentially:

  1. Check that hardware has TPM2 and secure boot. Turn them on.
  2. Use UEFI and not legacy BIOS. If existing Windows10 is running on MBR convert it to GPT.
  3. Signup for Windows insider programme. (It shows that my laptop does not meet minimum requirements)
  4. Perform windows update. Reboot as required.

To be honest, it took me by surprise when the logon screen looked different after a restart. This is because I thought it was merely performing a typical Windows10 update since my system did not meet minimum requirement. Then, as I log in, I was greeted by the Windows11 desktop with the taskbar in the middle.

Below is Aftershock's Youtube video of the SM-15 laptop, if you are interested.

For those of us who wants to try installing Windows11 update on any PC, Chris has a step-by-step guide on his website and youtube channel.